REVIEW | Japandroids – ‘Near To The Wild Heart Of Life’

Garage Rock by name, garage rock by nature: only a little more grown-up.

After three years of silence, Japandroids make their long-awaiting return with ‘Near To The Wild Heart Of Life’.

“Our mission: making moments into memories” sings Brian King on ‘No Known Drink Or Drug’. Listen to any Japandroids track and you’ll be sent straight back to the years of your reckless youth: wild parties, smoking cigarettes, intense summertime flings and exploring the world unknown to your teenage years.

The duo’s first two albums, ‘Post Nothing’ and ‘Celebration Rock’, are undeniably an anthem to those forlorn years, and this time around on ‘Near To The Wild Heart Of Life’ it follows the same 8 track formula, only offering a more nostalgic sense of home and what could have been.

Read the full review over at Never Enough Notes here.

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