INTERVIEW | Amber Run reveal ‘For A Moment, I Was Lost’ was born from a place of frustration, depression and anxiety.

On a dreary Thursday morning in London’s Covent Garden, Amber Run have just finished the first night of a string of tour dates across the UK.

Groggily feasting on the remains of a coffee and croissant breakfast, Amber Run are happy to discuss the long and troubled road that led to the band getting back together to produce their long awaited second album ‘For A Moment, I Was Lost’; due to hit the shelves the following day.

“We’re just excited to get out and play. I’m mostly excited for my birthday which is a week today playing Newcastle which I love, it’s where my nan’s from,” says bassist Tom Sperring. Henry Wyeth leans across the table and shouts “Any ladies in Newcastle who want to give Tom a birthday present? It will be much appreciated.”

“I like flapjacks,” Tom naively smiles.

“I was talking sexual favours…,” says Henry, giving him the side eye. He’s quickly shut down by all present.

A year ago, you perhaps wouldn’t have got this response from Amber Run. In fact a year ago, you probably wouldn’t have been able to get them in the same room as each other.

“We had been working on the album, I don’t know, six months before then or something, and November 2015 was I think as bad as it got,” says Henry. “…we were looking at each other, writing songs and I thought that they were good. Tom thought they were good songs, Joe [Keogh] thought they were good songs: everyone thought they were good songs, but no one believed in it, do you know what I mean?”

The band had begun to write their follow up to 2015’s ‘5AM’ in an uncomfortable environment, and unbeknown to them, just before things would start to take a downward turn.

Read the rest of the interview over on Never Enough Notes.

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