REVIEW : Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin

The highly anticipated second record ‘Modern Ruin’ from Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes is less hardcore punk and more pop.

A follow up to ‘Blossom’, this record is not. It’s been two years since Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes’ brilliantly ferocious debut was released, and it seems no mean feat that the band spearheading brash hardcore punk with no apologies would culminate themselves into cult heroes.

Selling out shows as thick and fast as they’ve been announced and championing festivals slots, it would come as no surprise that the fans they’ve picked up along the way are rabidly awaiting second album ‘Modern Ruin’ like the second coming, so it is a surprise that it’s fleetingly heavy rock and roll is unremarkable.

Read the full review on Never Enough Notes >>>

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