INTERVIEW | Brawlers at The Garage, Islington

Are Brawlers just a bunch of dudes who love beer and making music? If you’ve ever seen them live, you’d probably answer that question with a yes.

Blatantly obvious lyrics, pop-punk driven riffs and a DIY ethos to the live scene make this bunch of Leeds lads totally relatable, if not a barrel of fun. But with a speculative offering ‘The Black EP’ released in July, is there something more deep rooted in Brawlers than one could expect?

“Pert shit himself a few days ago, that’s quite cool.” Laughs front-man Harry Johns. “We went to Glasgow. We thought a Buckybomb was a shot of Jåger in a pool of Buckfast. It’s not. So we were at the Nice and Sleazys drinking 5 or 6 of these each, [and] started not being able to see. This girl came over and was like “What are you doing? We’ve been watching you for an hour being morons”… So then everything went pretty weird, and everything got a bit shouty and the next day we woke up, had to drive to the next show. Pert was like “My stomach feels weird after all them weird drinks. Hang on I’m just gonna do a trump.” He giggles. “…so he put his hand in his pockets and was like I’ve gotta go now!”

Read the full interview on Never Enough Notes

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