REVIEW | Cheatahs – Mythologies

Producing something that’s not quite shoegaze, not quite rock, Cheatahs have captured the essence of ethereal emptiness on their new record ‘Mythologies’.

After the success of their last two EPs, ‘Sunne’ (released earlier this year) and ‘Murasaki’, the London-based quartet have followed suit on their latest full length release, ‘Mythologies’, out via Wichita Recordings.

Taking inspiration from a collection of essays by Roland Barthes on semiotics and myths, Cheatahs’ new album ‘Mythologies’ feels more like a university project that’s been taken a little too seriously — and in some cases that’s not a bad thing. Recorded at various locations, including a high-rise next to MI5 headquarters, the follow-up to the 2014 self-titled debut is but a glimpse into the field of noisescapes.

Read the full review over at Never Enough Notes

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