This week it’s all about the D

Jesus mother flippin’ Christ. On Sunday night, two singles dropped that aided the bowls of the math rock world to uncontrollably release. Figuratively. Finally something to actually get exited about, other than the fact that Bring Me The Horizon have just released yet another wet, watered down excuse for a post-hardcore single. When will these posers just stop?

Anyway, in the bleary light of a grey July morning, it’s press play and repeat for Fightstar’s comeback single ‘Animal’. It’s brutal, fully fleshed out with thrashing drums and sludgy drop D bass lines, while guttural vocals from Charlie Simpson round the whole thing off in a “oh shit I think I just crapped my pants” kind of way. Bringing us to edge and leaving gasping for more, we’ve got to wait three whole months till the album drops.

Listen // Fightstar – Animal

Meanwhile, Surrey based Arcane Roots dropped a spanner in the works with new single ‘If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves’. Following in the steps of previous albums Left Fire and Blood & Chemistry, this is more of what makes this band so addictive. More beatdowns, more intricate, mathy guitar melodies and more soaring vocals: all splodged together in the riffiest packaging this side of winter. Again, their new EP isn’t released until October, so until then there’ll be plenty of time to stock up on emergency toilet roll and the chance to learn every, single, word.

Watch // Arcane Roots – If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves

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