Introducing – Our Final Hour

Our Final Hour ColourWhat do you get when you stick five tattooed guys from a very small town together in a room full of instruments? Probably something with booming beat-downs, heavy bass lines and a stocky, screaming front-man to match. But of course, “this music is indefinable”. And of course it follows all the old formulas, but when said five tattooed guys hit that nail on the head, darn it can be good.

So when a quintet from the Isle of Man get together, under the guise of Our Final Hour, they take that old proverbial nail and hit it. Hard. Their recent release, The Moving House EP is an example of the boy’s making ripples in a giant pond, and their soon to be released Island Syndrome is definitely bound to make waves. While the track is being kept top-secret until the start of 2014, it’s seven and a half minutes of gentle hardcore (could there be such a thing?) that works its way through different, murky speeds, making it seem like several tracks rather than just one.

While Our Final Hour are only just emerging, it could be safe to say that 2014 will be an exciting year.

Watch – Our Final Hour – Autumn Breeze

Download Our Final Hour – The Moving House EP here

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