Hunter and Her – Otherworld

It’s that time of year again. The transition from light to dark is well and truly upon us. While the cursed big C day is only a few months away, the struggle-some dark times ahead: the turning of the leaves, the cold temperature, darkening skies and misty mornings, are either praised or profaned.

Hunter and Her has released a debut single that seems to capture such a transition of seasons. Of course the ridiculousness of the big H day is only a few weeks away, and Otherworld has a fitting supernatural element about it: I’m not talking witches, vampires and werewolves here, just something other.

It’s an ethereal and sultry offering that sparks misty imagery and a dark, haunting atmosphere. Glaswegian Frankie Guarino — sole member of Hunter and Her — has a voice comparable to the likes of Kate Bush and Beth Gibbon, her highs and husky lows simply stunning, carrying with it the lyrics: “Running, running high/like a child to a mother/ and a girl who lost her lover…” amidst an ambient, pulsing backing track that simmers gently in the background.

Unlike so many others who have attempted to emit such a surge of power and emotion, Hunter and Her have kept it simple. It has a natural progression that over used tinkering would spoil, while instead it’s catchy and emotive and a tad escapist.

Otherworld has a sound that takes you somewhere other. While instrumentally it’s unadorned, it is the vocals on this first offering that truly makes it a standout. Taking its place amongst other emerging female artists, Hunter and Her has something here that wallows in beauty. Otherworld is emotive, captures the imagination and above all, is a pleasure to listen to.

Download Hunter and Her – Otherworld here

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