The Lady Gaga Experience

Is the Fad a Tad Boring Now?

Meat dresses, sex, re-birth and gay rights activist. As said by Jonathan Ross, The Lady Gaga Experience is back. Hoorah! We shout. Or not.

In an Interview with Jonathan Ross this week, Gaga walked on stage trailing behind her a “male sheep”. In what context does this bear any meaning to the Interview? Surely she hasn’t decided to chuck in her singing career and become a shepherd? Unfortunately, no. “I brought you a present,” she says, “This is Kevin.” She is using poor Kevin as a muse to get attention, just like in anything she does these days.  

Since Lady Gaga’s first appearance in 2008, we have been bombarded with stunt after stunt, from her appearance as a lesbian in her video for Paparazzi, to a blood soaked performance at her Monster Ball Tour. Her most recent live show stopper was when she appeared at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards as her male alter ego. But isn’t this Gaga Experience all too much?

“I like the fact people are coming round to your talent over and above the Gaga experience,” Ross says,” which is obviously a big part of it.” Talent? Yes she can sing, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani. Been there, done that. Her talent is not music. Her talent is fashion, stunts and fantasy. “I’m known for my clothes, and then I get there,  [Vanity Fair photoshoot], and the photographers want me naked all the time. I don’t understand.” It’s not that hard to comprehend. We are simply bored of the facade. In the beginning it was refreshing to see something new, someone daring to push the boundaries and thrust us out of our comfort zones. But how many times does this have to be done? BBC writer Talia Kraines agrees that Gaga is “a whole project rather than just a vocalist.”

When she first released Just Dance, we saw a girl experimenting with her sexuality, enjoying her new life in the spotlight and slowly growing as person. The facade is now a brand. It seems we are all on tender hooks waiting to see what she will do next. Strip naked in front of Tony Bennett? Be asked to be the next lead singer of Queen? Oh wait, Gaga’s done those things too. It is getting to the point where we look at her as novelty. But when all is quiet we don’t think twice about her. Lady Gaga has become a temporary form of entertainment. It’s too tiring to keep up. In fact I don’t think we even care anymore, apart from those who call themselves her devoted monsters.

At the end of her segment on The Jonathan Ross show, she concludes by thanking him for recognising “the evolution in me as a songwriter and as an artist, and as a singer.” As an artist, yes. As a singer/songwriter? Come back when you’ve got rid of the costumes.

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