Evanescence, This Is Not 2003!

Evanescence are releasing an album. On Tuesday. This doesn’t bother me much, as yes, I will admit it. I am an Evanescence fan, but “What You Want”? God its a bit shit. It’s catchy, but I feel like it’s 2003. I can imagine it now, locked in my room surrounded by rock posters ripped from the pages of Kerrang, green hair slicked back into pigtails (yes I did have green hair in 2003), black nails and Buffy t-shirt in hand, while just chilling to the voice of Amy Lee. But this IS NOT 2003. It’s all a bit cringe really.

Furthermore, the most annoying thing about the new single “What You Want” is the video. Once again we see Miss Lee looking all seductive and evil, running around the City of New York and yet performing a gig at the same time. Wow, she must be good at multi-tasking. So, Amy Lee is walking in slow mo, turns into a jog and jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge, against a really shitty green screen. And then she just walks into the sea. Great. What a waste of three minutes of my life.

To say I won’t be buying the album is a lie, but lets just hope it isn’t as shit as the single. I have a feeling it will be.

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