Born Villain

On Friday, Marilyn Manson announced the title for his new album, Born Villain. He has also teamed up with movie star, Shia LaBeouf (Holes, Transformers) to make a short film (music video) for the new release.

Born Villain

 The film is everything we expect from Manson, full of graphic and fallic imagery, flashing lights and all round gothic macabre, but not from the sweet innocent Even Stevens star, who directed the film. Girls being hung upside down by their knees, naked middle aged women with no hair and a woman having an eyeball stuffed into her vagina is all a bit too much for me.

Born Villain falls into everything we love from Manson. It holds all the classic traits from dear albums; The Golden Age of Grotesque and Holywood, but still carries the depressive, “I’m an old man and I feel sorry for myself” element as seen in The High End of Low.

Hopefully, the rest of the new album will shed some new light on the Manson of old.

To watch the video, click here.

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