Goodbye to the Summer

Finishing the first year of uni back in June was sad and yet relieving. It was sad to say goodbye to new friends for a long summer, and realise that I am now growing up, but it meant I could return back to my place of work. My work is not a shop, or a bar, but is a watersports centre where I teach kayaking and canoeing.  This means I get to work in the glorious summer sunshine on a beautiful lake inbetween Windsor and Maidenhead. Bray Lake. Did the summer deliver its promised hot weather? No. The majority of my time was speant shivering in layers of damp clothing for hours on end, trying to be the ever happy and encouraging instructor. With all its downsides, it’s now the end of the season, and I am sad to see that it is over. Not only have I made some new friends, I have also shared experiences I wouldn’t have had anywhere else, like falling off a moving powerboat, or cleaning goose poo every morning with nothing but a broom due to broken machinery (jet washer)

I also spent a lot of my time singing songs with my AI (assistant instructor) and my groups of kids. So although they won’t be reading this, here is a tribute to them and an amazing summer.



One response to “Goodbye to the Summer

  1. Good luck for your second year at uni! Thanks for all the fun times this summer and thanks for the kayaking link! Just got back from sardinia and will look at it later.
    Finlay 🙂

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