Apparently, Dads know best

The ex-Xfactor contestant has teamed up with new talent Rizzle Kicks for ‘Heart Skips a Beat’.

After sitting in the kitchen wondering what to write about, suddenly my ears are deafened by my fathers random ranting and raving about how the song is so “formulaic” and “un-orginal”. We are living in a time where nothing seems to be original, everything is recylcled and not very innovative. “Its very 80s boy band,”  he says, ” boring and predictable, like what they used to play in lifts in shopping centres. Background moooozic.” he laughs. “And this bit, heard it before!” Dad is now referring to Rizzle Kicks and is starting to rant. I didn’t realise that such a small man could have such a big opinion. Whatever he thinks though, I do quite like it.

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