Can You Spot Anything in Common?

Windsor. The town that is most famous for its castle, boys school and Legoland. Nothing excting goes on there, unless you are counting the fact that the royals sometimes come to visit, and when they do, we never know about it and in actual fact we generally don’t care. But atleast once a month a small venue, in the midst of rows upon rows of terraced town houses and newsagents, opens its doors to a variety of musical acts who unleash their chaos into the lives of those locals who are bored of formalities and, in our hard times, want to listen to some good live music on the cheap.


It is July and The Firestation plays host to some interesting acts. Fearless Vampire Killers. They are certainly dramatic to say the least. Appearing onstage in gothic, turn of the century clothing, and clad to the nines in eyeliner, FVK launch themselves into their set without a moments hesitation. From the off they play a mesmerising set, if not for the costumes, but for the raw energy they bring to the place. The band are a british mix between early My Chemical Romance and Panic! at the disco, and yet they are not. FVK have a flair about them that can’t be matched by those overseas emo giants, a rawness that can’t be contained by the mainstream and over-excited teenage girls. Midway through the set guitarist and lead singer switch roles. The new singer captures the crowd with his eerie make-up, thrashing in time to the beat and creating an all round melee of darkness and fantasy. An excellent performance, and by far the most theatrical set of the evening.

Following this vampiric theme comes Lost Boys. The band, who recently won a recording contract from Kerrang! magazine, take to the small stage in the basement of the Firestation with energy and entheusiasm. Their music is remeniscent of bands like Kids in Glass Houses and The Blackout (although they are not welsh.) Lost Boys have a light beat that at any moment can turn heavy mixed with scratchy vocals, but was it enough to keep the attention of the crowd? Unfortunately they are a package that has so much potential but is nothing that we haven’t heard before.

The evening comes to a close, and Lost Boys leave the crowd with smiles on their faces, ready to party on in the midsummer heat.

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