Has Gaga taken it too far?


Lady Gaga Judas

Lady Gaga Judas

Once again I am writing about Lady Gaga. I’m not her biggest fan, but i do admire the way in which she the pushes the boundaries of what is socially acceptable, but in her video for new single ‘Judas’, has she pushed things a little too far? The promo portrays the period between Lent and Easter Day, and manipulates them into Gaga’s gothic and sexual vices. We see references to the baptism in the river Jordan, the washing of the feet and Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. Throughout the video it is also becomes clear that Gaga’s role in this is that of Mary Magdalene. It’s not that she has done anything particularly offensive, but the point where she takes it too far is the fact that she has used something so sacred and important to the lives of many and used it for her own gain. It makes you question what would have happened if she had used a different faith? Would there have been outrage and anger, or would they have taken it like a slap round the face as we Christians seem to have?

Not only is it the video that is disappointing, but the song itself is very poor. It seems that she can’t make her mind up between Madonna-esc pop and monotonous auto-tuned synth. The song is very catchy, particularly the chorus, but it just doesn’t flow in the right direction, constantly chopping from one sound to another. The verses in Judas have a heavy beat with bass heavy synth and then recapitulates into keyboard heavy chorus. It sounds like two completely different tunes have been mashed together.

Once again Gaga has pushed the boundaries but it is a shame that she couldn’t create a song that is just better.

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