Attention Thieves – Interview

Attention Thieves

“Hag,” says Simon, drummer of Attention Thieves, “He’s drunk so much alcohol it’s probably basted his insides, so would taste great on the BBQ.” He is referring to which member of the band would be eaten first if marooned on a desert island.

Back in March, standing at a bar in a small arts centre in Windsor, the band could be heard arguing about who would be the designated driver of the night. From the corner of the bar, drinks in hand, cries of “No I drove last time. It’s your turn.” and “Too late mate. I’ve already had a pint.” could be heard. They say never judge a book by its cover, but looking back at this scene, it seems that the cover is exactly right. However cliché it may sound, it was clear that Attention Thieves are just out to have a good time.

Attention Thieves are a four piece from Reading. Their music is fast paced and up-beat, and is reminiscent of early Biffy Clyro. Simon explained that, collectively, their influences are “a lot of different styles and bands, for example Mesuggah from the metal side, The Clash from the punk side, and Foo Fighters from rock.” He exclaims “Oh and Glass Jaw and Taking Back Sunday as well. Just loads of bands really.” He adds. These influences are certainly evident in their song, ‘Broken Promises’. Lead vocalist Alex Green belts out the tune, resonantly sounding like Dave Grohl but with his own twist. In a time when all you hear on the radio is samples of old records mixed with auto-tune, it’s nice to hear something raw and fresh.

The band formed “just under 3 years ago. We all went to school together so it was the obvious choice to form a band.” The name Attention Thieves, it seems, has no real back story.  “There’s not any reason really (for the name of Attention Thieves), we were just thinking about random words to put in a name and those two came out and it stuck.”

Things have begun to pick up for Attention Thieves, which is completed by Ryan Davies on bass and James Harris (or Hag) on rhythm guitar. As well as being signed to Velocity Records at the end of February, the band recently recorded their new single ‘Let It All Out’. “It’s a hard hitting song that we recorded with Dave Chang, that’s all about just not caring what people think of you.” says Simon. The track is effortlessly polished, beginning with fast beats, and then grinding into a memorable chorus that just makes you want to go wild. It’s one of those tracks that are perfect for screaming your heart out and just shaking it all about.
The band have also recently recored  ‘Can’t Say’ which will be released soon, “It’s one of the best songs we have ever recorded thanks to John Mitchell, whose worked with Enter Shikari and  You Me At Six, and hope that it will push us onto the next level in our career.” Without blowing his own trumpet, he is right.

Last week the band had their video shoot for ‘ Can’t Say’. Looking at their comments on the social networking site, Facebook, it seemed that there were a few nerves. “It went really well.” Simon smiles, “No hiccups or faults, it was a tiring day though, as we had a 5 hour drive to get to the location. We got Sitcom Soldiers on board as we love their work and know that they’ll deliver an amazing product.” Ok, maybe there weren’t many nerves, just yawning bodies.

Thinking about who else has had a main impact on Attention Thieves, if they had a chance to take any three people to dinner they would be. “Well, David Attenborough because he has influenced Ryan’s life immensely, he studied Zoology. Pat Butcher, we just love those earrings and we could meet Frank.” He pauses, thinking. “Oh and Dave Grohl, for the laughs and stories.” It seems that Attention Thieves have a thing for Dave Grohl. Is it more than just being an idol perhaps? Simon also divulged that if they could be any animal, they would like to be “a bear because we could eat as much salmon as we like,” and that the best colour of Skittles has “Gotta be red”.

Bringing things back to the topic at hand, Attention Thieves have just played a gig at the O2 Academy, Islington. “That was a preview show for a festival we are doing in September called Grand Finale Fest.” He Says. “It went really well, we got a coach load of fans down and just played our faces off! It was one of the best gigs ever.”  It seems like the excitement is only just beginning. “It’s(Grand Finale Fest) probably going to be on the 24th September, but there’s a lot of changes going on at the moment, so that could change.” He says “There’s also a location change, so we’re not sure where it’ll be held yet.”

At the moment, Attention Thieves are not touring, but are currently focusing on recording new material. “Well we obviously have the video and single release which will be accompanied by as a PR campaign, backed by Hero PR, so we hope to be hitting TV screens and magazines soon. Of course we have gigs and little videos here and there as well.” The future certainly looks bright for the band and we can definitely be seeing big things from Attention Thieves soon, so keep your eyes and ears low to the ground.

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