Windsor Fire Station – Sondura, Attention Thieves, NOKIAS + Kieland Ridge

Kieland Ridge

On a cold and dreary Saturday night in Windsor, the towns own arts centre – The Fire Station- opened its doors to a host of bands who are dying to entertain the local music scene.

The opening band, Kieland Ridge, began to an almost empty basement. The three piece carry on regardless, gracing the few stragglers with solemn bass lines that tie in with a “rocksteady” drum beat. The lead singer produces husky vocals that carry well to the whole room. The music itself is reminiscent of the late Nirvana days, and certainly carry the same air onstage. It would have been nice if they were entertaining, as well as musically capable, but then again, performing with a broken toe does not help.

No One Knows I’m a Shark

No One Knows I’m a Shark hail from Slough. They open their set with flair and energy, and after playing only the night before, launch into the performance with no hesitation. Nokias’ sound stems from the now popular hardcore scene, which seems to be enjoyed by the now large group of local kids gathered towards the front of the stage. The dirty vocals are interspersed with clean from the guitarist, who quietly plays his way through the set. The vocalist plays with the crowd, enjoying their cries and encourages them to “move”. The rest of the band (completed by rhythm guitar, bass and drums) increase the tension, flailing their instruments around and clearly enjoying every moment.

Attention Thieves

Upon entering the venue, it was hard not to notice four men arguing at the bar about who is driving home. Looking at them, it seems Attention Thieves are a band who want to have a good time. (Cliche I know) At this point in the evening, it seemed the crowd had now thinned. Attention Thieves, who are signed to Velocity Recordings, launch straight into it. The guitarist and bassist, stationed either side of lead vocalist, burst the silence, playing with precision throughout. The music is fast and melodic, and keep the few hiding in the shadows of the Fire Station entertained. Attention Thieves are definitely a band to watch out for.


A group of teenagers grouped at the front of the stage area are so excited, they almost storm the performance area when Sondura take to the stage. Sondura are a band who seem to ticking all the right boxes at the moment. Currently showcasing songs from their awaiting second album, which are filled with heavy drum beats, melodic guitar riffs and pumping bass lines, is sounding very promising. The vocalist is enthusiastic and energetic, spurring the crowd on, not only with words, but with precise harmonies and clean vocals. Again, Sondura seem to be heading upwards and are for fans who like a bit of metal.

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