Constant Reminders

The Playwrite Kiran Benawra

How do you tackle a subject like death?

Write a play about it of course. Constant Reminders, Witten by Kiran Benawra, is a play which highlights the emotions of guilt and sorrow, as well as cleverly using contemporary theatrical techniques that help make the play flow and entertain.

The story line of the play is almost a family’s account of how they are dealing with their daughter/sisters death. The action takes place in four separate rooms, with the family telling their accounts from the four areas of the stage. The only time they come together is during a pice of physical theatre whic ultimately sets the atmosphere for the events of the next scene. The costuming lends itself to Brecht, where each character is wearing all black with one item which signifies who they are.

The main character, the victim, is not the typical ‘poor me’heroine of the play, but is the nuetral protagonist who flits between the rest of the characters.

This play is one which needs to be seen by all, if not for its unique use of mishmashed ideas and techniques but the sheer genius(ness) of the plot and comical yet sad and heart breaking characters.

Constant Re

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    And wasn’t I great in the play???
    P.S – I like the photo of you, lol.

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