Born This Way. Really?

Lady Gaga's Born This Way cover

Today marked the release of Lady Gaga’s new single Born This Way from the long awaited third album. We can usually expect somthing strange and peculiar from this Lady, but instead are left suprised and somewhat annoyed at the lack of originality in this new track. After an intro of Gaga talking about an illusive HIM, the song plunges straight into a madonna-esc melody, with vocals to match. Vogue this is not.

However it does seem to be “all the rage” to be reviving the past at the moment, but I thought Gaga was almost anti-fashion? A pioneer of the new. She is constantly pushing boundaries with her style, but unfortunately this just has not made it way into her music.

It just seems so disappointing that someone who strives to be unique and different (although a little wierd) has created something that has been done before.

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