The Day The Computers Came to Town


The Fire station in Windsor once again held host to a rabble of bands selected to amuse our local ears.

Grindhouse began the evening, however late, with a short burst of youthful energy. This 5 piece hardcore band graced the audience with heavy melodic riffs that luckily rose above the clunky use of bass lines (granted, there were technical difficulties). Unfortunately this didn’t take away the fact that the guitars kept willowing in and out of tune, so it was down to the vocalist the keep the shop together. There is no doubt that Grindhouse have the persistence of a bug eyed puppy and are a great laugh, but with a little more polish, it is clear that we haven’t seen the last of them.

Kamikaze Test Pilots

Kamikaze Test Pilots were second on stage and are a band that is evidently tight and very well rehearsed. There song “Kenny Rogers (with a shotgun)” has an almost Australian lilt and yet is reminiscent of rock in the early naughties. The harmonies used throughout were perfect and it is clear why these guys are so good. They seemed to effortlessly take you into a place of no worries and just pure “rocking out”. An entertaining set which, by the end, had the entire crowd beaming from ear to ear.

At this point in the evening a large crowd has gathered. Purge plunge straight into a fast paced and resilient medley. They use dark bass lines, the player of which can’t seem to get enough of the limelight, prancing back forth on and off stage striking poses when and wherever it’s his time to shine. The vocalist tries the same, while by his side a long haired guitarist is whipping his hair to the sound of his own chords, surely something Willo Smith would be proud of. Purge seem to be like any other hardcore band, yet have more self-confidence and better stage presence, and for that, we salute you.

The Computers

Four men, clad in white are the madmen we had been waiting for. The Computers, who granted this night as the taking of their second virginity after a long break from their tour with Alexisonfire. They began their set with pure flare and energy and from the word go the excitement is cranked up ten-fold. All eyes are focused on The Computers and they slam their way through their set, keeping every moment filled with musical genius. The drums were heavy and the strings were dirty. The lead vocalist rarely set foot onstage, playing amongst the crowd and at one point even sat with a group of bored looking girls, still giving it his all. The music itself is a mix of punk and blues, an unusual mix, but certainly a formula that works so well it might just explode. It was certainly an exhilarating performance that left us all thirsting for more.

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