A tale of Cat and Mouse??

Tony the Cat

Living in a shared house is never easy. For one its mess, mess, mess. Once you clean one thing and moment later it will be as dirty as it was before. And then there’s also the endless washing up and bin bags never being taken out to the dustbins on time… or maybe thats just lazy students. A few months back a small furry kitten decided to make our student house her new home (assuming it is a girl). The cat in question had clearly just been allowed to roam the free backyards of Epsom and thought it was grand idea to investigate the endless rooms and bushes of 323 Hook Road. We call her Tony. Oh how we loved seeing that cute little mischievous black and white facxe chasing the ends of random bits of string and other object that would make for entertainment. After a while Tony didn’t come to play because of an incident where she was stuck at the top of the stairs and was too little to climb down, and we were forced to carry her struggling and I’m guessing traumatizing her little tiny head.

Now, it’s January and the house had been fairly clean until someone decided to empty the bin but leave the gammy bin bag on the kitchen floor. Thus resulting in the sighting of a mouse. I love mice and i can’t see what the problem is… until i realised that they reproduce ridiculously fast. UH OH!!!! and surprise surprise back come Tony. “HUZZAH” we cheered, “The mouse probloem can be solved”. except Herbert (Thats what I call him) has not been seen for days and all Tony is interested in is chasing the end of a broom. Damn you Tony!!!

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