Days of Last Promotions at The Fire Station, Windsor

Kill Chambers performing in WindsorDrummer from Alone on the Front LineBassist from SonduraClockwork playing in Windsor

By Josie Faulkner

The Fire Station in Windsor has once again played host to Days of Last Promotions’ next collection of bands in the basement of the venue. Opening at 7pm on Friday 19th November, The Fire Station says hello to locals who just want to have fun and listen to some good music.

The first band to take to the stage is Kill Chambers. This quintet open the evening with fast paced, heavy, beats that get the crowd moving. The use  of strong melodic bass and guitar riffs give the set as a whole, a sense of complete riotous energy which only rips the now part full basement into a frenzy of moshing and head banging. The vocals are timely varied between screaming and clean, light singing which adds a tumbling link between the band and audience. Kill Chambers played with precision and are certainly tight to the core.

The second band of the night began with flair and excitement. Alone on the Front Line had brought with them a large fan base who persistently pushed their way to the front of the stage in order to headband and mosh in time with the leader singer. The music was up-beat and again heavy but was lacking in flair and continuity. The vocals need some work but what Alone on the Front Line do know how to get a crowd going. This teenybopper, hardcore band have something but it just needs a little more oomph.

After a short break, the excitement in the air picks up purely due to the fact that Sondura are the next band to take to the stage. From the word go the music is fuelled with hard headed energy packed with intricate melodic bass lines. Scuzz is a song that is rhythmic, heavy and built with flair. Towards the front of the stage are a group who seem to refuse to move as they remain transfixed, head banging in time to the song. The clean vocals help to create energy, and are almost reminiscent of bands like Bullet for my Valentine, except Sondura are better. The guitar solo adds pace and fire, definitely making Sondura worthy of the crowds cheers and applause. Considering this is the last show on their tour, Sondura definitely pulled out all the stops and we will soon see many great things from them in the future.

The headlining band, Clockwork, begin their set with a mix of fast screaming vocals and guitar riffs. The vocalist oozes energy from the start, adding to the quick pace of the drums, but it’s just a shame that the crowd have thinned out by this point. Midway through the performance more onlookers gather in the Fire Station, watching as carnage is unleashed for the last 5 minutes of the evening. Clockwork(s) last song is ended abruptly, marking the end of the night, leaving the audience wanting more.  This hardcore band have a long way to good but tonight their hard work has definitely paid off.

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